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News from The Boathouse Youth

Tough Mudder 2023

On Saturday 9th September, twenty of Team BHY took part in the 15km course of Tough Mudder North West 2023 at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire.

Half of our team was made-up of young people from our Senior Plus section who are either Young Leaders or in the process of becoming such.

We enabled Young Leaders to participate in this activity (which was fully-funded) so that we could support their transition from adolescence into adult leadership by spending time with older colleagues to see that as an organisation we work hard and we play hard, which has inspired them even more to pursue a career in Youth Work.

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Tough Mudder – World’s Best Obstacles!

In between the 30+ obstacles – including the famous Block Ness Monster, Pitfall, Everest and Mudderhorn – interactions were dominated by conversations of apprenticeship schemes, degree courses and future career prospects all of which we started following-up first thing on Monday morning.

Enabling young people to lead their best lives. It’s not just youth work, it’s proper youth work!

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