Universal programme

To provide diversionary educational and recreational activities

The fun starts here

A million and one opportunities to meet with your friends, try your hand at new skills and have a whole heap of fun.  Our incredible team of Youth Workers will work with you and your peers to develop a fantastic programme of activities that will keep you coming back time after time. Being involved with our Universal Programme also means you’ll be sure to find out about all the other opportunities The BHY is able to offer you.

About Universal

Providing you with
a place to be.

Our Universal Programmes runs daily after school at our Bloomfield and Grange Park Youth Centres.

Any child or young person can join this programme (subject to a waiting list) and will be allocated into their correct age-group.

Get Involved

Your participation in our Universal Programme will keep you off the streets, and stop you from being bored at home.

Get Active

Each session at The BHY is different and activities that you’ll be involved in include:

Get Entertained

We’ve got a great range of equipment that will be available at certain sessions to keep you entertained.

Since starting Boathouse I get in less fights at school and don’t have as many detentions. I’ve noticed I’m doing better at school and my grades are improving.

Boathouse Youth Member


children and young people currently attend our Universal Programme


sessions each week across both our Youth Centres


different age groups so young people are always with their peers

Join the Universal Programme

The best time to join The BHY’s Universal Programme was years ago. The second best time is NOW.

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