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Major donors are the charity’s largest source of income and are undoubtedly the fuel behind the success we’ve achieved. However, being a patron is so much more than just making a large donation – it’s about becoming part of The BHY family, and allowing us to become part of yours.

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I feel like growing up on Grange is harder than growing up anywhere else in Blackpool… The Boathouse Youth has made a massive change to my life, I’ve got a whole family of friends that makes me feel happier living in Grange Park.

Boathouse Youth Member

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Child Case Study

My name is Alex, I’m 15 years old and I’ve be coming to Boathouse for about 5-years. When I first moved to Blackpool from Liverpool I didn’t really have any friends, I didn’t know anyone… and then I joined Boathouse and now I have loads of friends.

My Mum has been addicted to drugs for about 20 years. I’m not sure if you know what it’s like to have a Mum who’s drug-addict. It’s the hardest thing in the world. She doesn’t want to use it, but it grips her body like you can’t imagine. It takes her down. My siblings and I should be her priority, but we’re not… and we know that’s not her fault. 

But, she’s still my Mum and I still love her more than anybody else in the world. I know there’s nothing I can do to help her, but there is something I can do to make her proud. I can make a choice not to go down the same road. I don’t hang around shops trying to get adults to buy me alcohol, I don’t smoke and I’ll never take drugs. I want to do well and I want to get a job.

But I wouldn’t be able to make those choices so easily if I wasn’t a part of The Boathouse Youth.

I’m confident enough to tell you my story because I am a part of The Boathouse Youth. I’ve been Canal Boating, Camping, Cycling and done activities such as Rock Climbing, Abseiling and Ghyll Scrambling. I’ve learnt how to prepare a menu, a budget and complete a weekly shop. I’ve learnt how to be resilient and I’ve learnt how to say “no”.

I’ve got somewhere to go, I’ve got a purpose and I’ve got an escape – because of The Boathouse Youth. There are hundreds more kids like me at our Youth Club. Thanks Boathouse for helping us all.


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One of the things that attracted me to support The Boathouse is that it’s not “corporatised”.  It doesn’t have the big fancy offices and expensive marketing departments.  The money is spent on the hundreds of children it exists to support.

Simon Thompson

CEO – Key Group

Key Group become a Platinum Patron of The Boathouse Youth in January 2019.  the company, based in Preston, help the Over 55’s find a way to finance a better retirement.  Part of the company’s ethos is based around the older generation helping the young; and that’s the message it demonstrated in its support of our charity.

Being a patron isn’t just about making a substantial financial contribution to the charity, it’s about the experience of knowing that the multiple forms of support your company can give is making a difference.

In Key’s case, this has included Volunteering Opportunities for employees, a Payroll Giving Scheme, invitations for BHY’s young people to attend Key’s offices, organising various internal events and participating in external fundraising with a view to helping the charity raise its profile.  Key have been able to publicise this support via their Social Media platforms, newsletters and website.

Key enabling their employees to engage with our charity has been a source of aspiration for our young people as they learn what can be achieved through hard-work, dedication and the right attitude.  Together, we are helping young people in Blackpool escape poverty.

Good support is key!

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