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The BHY Podcast S1:E1 – Being a Part of The Boathouse Youth

The Boathouse Youth has launched its first podcast, led entirely by a crew of young people from our Senior Plus age-group.

In the first episode you’ll meet Rhys, Josh and Millie who will share with you their transformational stories of how The Boathouse Youth has impacted on their lives. Collectively they have more than 10 years experience in participation, and we hope you’ll agree that they express themselves very well.

“I feel as though what Boathouse has done for both the Grange Park and Bloomfield areas is just something else. It’s had a massive impact. What it’s done is brought a community of all these young people – who would otherwise be out doing God knows what – and it’s brought them to doing something more productive with their lives”.

The ‘Podcast Crew’ at The BHY is entirely led by young people who have planned the episodes, the conversation topics and taken charge of the overall production. In the coming week we’ll be welcoming special guests and visiting different filming locations.

Our Podcast (soon to be Podcasts!) are currently available on Podbean (App Store) and will soon be rolling out to all the major Podcasting Apps.

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