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Navigating Relationships A Success!

During the February half-term 2024, The Boathouse Youth facilitated a Canal Boat residential experience for 40 talented young people. Young people planned almost every aspect of the trip in partnership with their Youth Workers and were split into groups across four boats.

The project kicked-off with a planning day at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool Town Centre. The groups considered the route, planned their menus and shopping lists against budget; and determined how they would divvy-up the daily-jobs.

But beyond the practice skills the young people explored the relational-challenges they expected to face during the trip before considering the skills they might require to tackle them. A analysis of their abilities then enabled them to determined which areas of their personalities would require the most development.

During the trip the young people’s personal growth really stood out. As they navigated the waters, they also navigated their relationships, challenged themselves to listen actively and express themselves authentically by engaging in self-reflection and practical engagement with one another.

Youth workers were ready to support young people align daily-struggles to communication models such as Transactional Analysis and the You’re Okay, I’m Okay Squares – but the most popular model was The Drama Triangle. Young people were easily recognising themselves in these scenarios throughout the trip and found multiple techniques to step out.

We know the week has been a success because young people have told us so and more on the impact will be released in the coming weeks through the Podcasts we launch.

As always, The Boathouse Youth is extremely grateful to all its donors and supporters who offer the financial support and gifts-in-kind to make these kind of activities possible.