Philip Duhig from Blackpool Coastal Housing presents The BHY Big Cheque to the Juniors Section at our Grange Park Youth Club based at Boundary Primary School.

Project Sponsor

Blackpool Coasting Housing are the housing association that manage the majority of the properties on the Grange Park estate in Blackpool. It’s great news to The Boathouse Youth that BCH are willing to support our Grange Park provision by making an award of £8,000 towards us through their Tenants Project Fund.

The award winning company aims to inspire people to build better communities. This vision is manifested through their investment in The Boathouse Youth and the children and young people of Blackpool.

BCH’s funding will be used to support the general running costs of our Grange Park Youth Club including staffing costs, improving our resources and providing a full complement of positive activities. The Tenants Project Fund is now jointly sponsoring this project together with the Pay Back Time Trust.