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A little bit about us and the need…

The Boathouse Youth is a Registered UK Charity (1149320) that, at it roots, works with children and young people in Blackpool. Many of the children with whom we work are facing disadvantages. The source of these disadvantages can be summarised in one word — deprivation.

The Boathouse Youth aims to provide a variety of educational and recreational activities that will build confidence restore self-esteem and, above all, bring happiness to the lives of its young members. Our mission is to break the cycle of deprivation and empower today’s children to become contributing members of society.

Established in 2009, we currently operate in the borough’s two “most deprived” (according to all measurable means) communities: Bloomfield and Grange Park. Collectively, these provisions attract approximately 400 admissions each week. The organisation costs in excess of £300,000 per year to run. We rely on short-term grants, generous benefactors and local fundraising support to fund our much needed support.

The Boathouse Youth is a product of its local societies’ requirements. In commercial parlance, our USP (and arguably corporate maxim) is to embrace those whose need is greatest. Location is paramount. We have chosen the Bloomfield ward and Grange Park council estate due to their unrivalled levels of deprivation within our town. More than 50% of the children residing in these areas are “living below the breadline”.

The most significant barrier facing our members is the financial position of their parents. This is why we provide all of our services completely free of any monetary charge. Without The Boathouse Youth there would be no other recreational outlet for the children and young people of these communities, the resultant effect of which would be an inevitable gravitation towards anti-social forms of behaviour, which, in turn, manifest themselves in high levels of youth crime and social disorders.

A complex variety of issues associated with deprivation contribute towards instability. They may witness regular domestic violence, drug/alcohol misuse, live in poor-housing conditions, have limited access to basic services such as the dentist. The most simple of commodities are often in the shortest supply: food in the fridge, a hot drink, help with homework, a bed-time story and a clean bed.

UK Charity

Completely free

Rely on donations

How we do it…

We provide a range of weekly sessions, school-holiday provision and residential experiences throughout the year. All of our provision is completely free-of-charge. There are no subscriptions or joining fees and subsequently the children are not reliant on their parents to participate. In return for the provision, we do seek our members “repayment” through good behaviour and commitment to The BHY. Children are also encouraged to volunteer and assist.

Our BHY Staff Team are highly trained and have the best interests of our young people as their main focus. In many cases they are the only positive role-models in the lives of our members and they want to make a difference.

We have our own dedicated premises in the heart of the Bloomfield community and since July 2017 have shared the space of Boundary Primary School on the Grange Park estate.

We are providing facilities and services that are tailor-made to help break the cycle of deprivation and poverty. These experiences increase aspirations, boost confidence and enhance employability.

  • Theme Based Activities

  • Indoor & Outdoor Games

  • Creative Sessions

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Young Leadership Scheme

  • Residential Experiences

Our impact…

Since 2009 more than 2000 different children and young people have benefited from the services of The Boathouse Youth. A number which continues to grow. Many of the children and young people who started attended at the age of 10/11 are now in their first years of being adult leaders with some gaining paid-employment within the charity. This is fantastic news – we believe those who have benefited are the best-placed to carry the organisation forward.

IMG_1942“I always consider it a privilege to lead such a wonderful and life-changing organisation. I believe the key to our success with young people is how strongly we demonstrate our three core values of love, respect and discipline at every stage of their journey with us. It is my view that if we are consistent in this approach then these values will, inevitably, be deported by our young people into areas of their lives and this is the true impact of our work.” Laurance Hancock, Chief Executive