BHY Trustees

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BHY Trustee David Brennand

David Brennand


BHY Trustee Tracy Harrison

Tracy Harrison

Deputy Chair

BHY Trustee Phillip Owen

Phillip Owen

BHY Trustee Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson

BHY Trustee Pete Crossley

Pete Crossley

Youth Work Specialist

BHY Trustee Joshua Barr

Joshua Barr

Young Person Representative

BHY Trustee Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon

Community Representative

BHY Trustee David Maude

David Maude

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There are 8,000 children and young people currently living in poverty right on our doorstep, here in Blackpool. Your offer of time, experience or finances could help to change one of those childrens’ lives. Help us to help them. Contact us today to see if we can align your gift with our needs.
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