Information for Members

This page is designed to help existing or new members of The Boathouse Youth understand a little bit more about our charity.

The Boathouse Youth is a Membership Organisation. This means you have to formally register with our charity to become an Active Member. As with all membership organisations, clubs, groups and charities there are conditions to ensure that being a beneficiary is an enjoyable experience.

Please feel free to browse through the tabs below. If you have a question that we haven’t already answered then please Contact Us.

Attendance Policy

The Boathouse Youth has ‘Active Members’ and a ‘Waiting List’. Each age-group is only allowed to have a maximum of approximately 50 Active Members at any one time. Those who have applied to join must remain on the Waiting List until a space becomes available in their age-group. We only ‘in-take’ from our Waiting List at the beginning of a half-term.

Once you have been offered a place you then become an Active Member. To retain this membership you must reach the minimum attendance threshold. This is calculated based on the number of weeks in a half-term. For example, if there are 7-weeks in a half-term then your minimum attendance must be 7. This is an average of once-per-week.

If you fall below this attendance then you will be notified by post that your Active Membership has been terminated and your place will be given to the next person on the Waiting List. You are welcome to re-apply to join but will be placed back on our Waiting List.


    Admission to The BHY is, and always will be, free of charge.


    To retain your Active Membership status you must attend an average of at least once per week.


    A good attendance figure is important if you wish to participate in extra activities such as day-trips and residential experiences.

Behaviour Policy


… and this could affect your chance of participating in trips and residential experiences.


As you would expect from any organisation whose core values are ‘Love, Respect & Discipline’ good behaviour is something we place great emphasis on. In summary: poor behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in sanctions including time-outs, contact with parents and exclusions from sessions, day-trips and residential experiences.

We have great pride in our ability as an organisation to provide interesting and exciting activities for children and young people. We endeavour to meet their expectations, keep them engaged and we always treat them with the utmost respect. In effect, we give them the perfect environment and opportunity in which to behave well.

When any instance of challenging behaviour is being dealt with, a member of The BHY’s Senior Leadership team will always review to ensure that the appropriate investigation and action has been taken.

Parents can expect to be informed for any incident that exceeds a ‘Stage 2’. All behaviour incidents are recorded on our Membership Database. Parents are welcome to request a viewing of their child’s behaviour record at any time.


    Children will be politely spoken to and asked to correct their behaviour.
    This includes chewing gum, being disruptive or talking over others.


    The child/ren will be asked to leave the session area for 5-10 minutes to calm-down and reflect. They will be politely spoken to by a member of staff who and return to the session area understanding the change required in their behaviour.
    This includes refusing to participate, lapse of respect for others and preventing others having fun.


    The child/ren will be removed from the environment and asked to leave the Youth Club. Parents will be contacted to arrange collection (if necessary) and be informed of our decision. The child/ren must miss their next session.
    This includes persistently causing a disruption, bullying, deliberate rudeness, indirect swearing or failing to co-operate with staff.


    The child/ren will be removed from the environment and asked to leave the Youth Club. Parents will be contacted to arrange collection (if necessary) and be informed of our decision. The child/ren will remain excluded for a period of at least one-week.
    This includes swearing, violence, theft, vandalism and abuse.

Bullying Policy


It would be wonderful to live in a bully-free world. Sadly, this is very unlikely to ever be the case. On that basis, we do not promote and cannot guarantee a Bully Free Zone.

However, we do not tolerate bullying and we will always ensure that every single incident that is reported to us is dealt with appropriately.

All of our staff are told to look-out for any bullying that exists within The Boathouse Youth. All incidents, no matter how small are recorded. This can help us to identify patterns of bullying and act accordingly.

Please remember that if we do not know about it – we can’t deal with it.

Bullying MUST be reported. 




Activity Selection Policy

The Boathouse Youth has high-levels of membership. Day-trips, residential experiences and other special projects will always have a limited number of spaces available.

Our decision making process is relatively simple and is in favour of those who attend the most and behave the best.

  • Ahead of the activity ‘Expression of Interest’ forms are sent-out to all eligible members.
  • Once these are returned we collate them and place them in order of the highest attendees.
  • The activity is filled with those names starting at the top of the list and applicants are informed either way.

For example, if 50 members apply for a trip with only 30 places then it will be the 30 members with the highest attendance who will be offered places.



Child Collection Policy

It is really important to us that your child is safe all of the time. We encourage all parents to drop-off and collect their child. However, we also respect that some parents consider their children mature enough to be able to walk to Youth Club and home again unaccompanied.

If your child is in the Infants Section then this is not optional. Your child must be dropped-off and collected by a responsible person who is Aged 14+, well-known to the child and to our Staff Team. They must also sign a form before being allowed to take the child.

If your child is in the Juniors Section or Seniors Section then you must state on your green registration form what your preference is. If you select that your child is ‘Collected’ then this must be by a person Aged 14+ who is well-known to the child and known to our Staff Team. They must also sign a form before being allowed to take the child.

Please note that if you arrive to take a child in a unsuitable condition, i.e. under the influence of drugs/alcohol – you will NOT be allowed to leave with them until the Police / Social Services have been contacted. 


    We encourage all parents to accompany their child in the journey to and from The BHY.


    Must be collected by a responsible person.


    Parents can specify a collection preference.


    Parents can specify a collection preference.

Keeping Children Safe from Harm – Safeguarding

Our NUMBER ONE priority is that your child is always safe from harm when they are in the care of The BHY. Whilst we pride ourselves in the element of risk we introduce to children’s play we also pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring it is controlled and well-managed.

Safeguarding encompasses many different elements and we have listed some of the key-elements below. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or ideas for improvement then please make-contact with a member of our Senior Leadership Team who will be delighted to talk with you. We are constantly seeking improvement.


    Members of staff working for The Boathouse Youth are easily identified. All members of staff will be wearing a uniform and a photographic identification card around their necks. Some members of the Senior Leadership Team may attend sessions not in uniform – however, they will always have their Photo ID and are usually recognised faces. If an adult is in a BHY Uniform and has an ID Badge then this means we expect them to behave to our standard.


    Every single member of our Adult Team has undergone a rigorous recruitment process. They must complete an application form, attend an interview and provide references before we will consider them for the next stage.


    We complete an enhanced criminal-records check on all Young Leaders and Adult Leaders before they are given access to our young people. This means they must provide photographic ID, proof of their address and legal residency in the UK. No member of staff with any historical safeguarding convictions is allowed to work within our setting.


    All members of our Adult Team have undergone a full induction combined with a Level 2 Certificate in Child Protection. This means they are trained to spot signs of abuse, know how to deal with suspicions and allegations and can support young people who need it.


    All members of our Senior & Middle Leadership Team are trained in Understanding Young People’s Challenging Behaviour. This means they are able to provide environments conducive for positive behaviour and manage young people who are displaying behaviour that is not appropriate.


    All members of our Senior & Middle Leadership Team are trained to a high standard of First Aid. The Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid covers serious conditions such as Cardiac Arrest, Choking and Severe Bleeding in addition to understanding the management of illnesses and conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes and Meningitis.


    All sites that The BHY operates on have an Automated External Defibrillator. The BHY will also take an AED on residential experiences such as Canal Boating and Camping. Members of the Senior & Middle Leadership Teams are qualified and trained to use these devices in the event of a Cardiac Arrest.


    All sites that The BHY operates on have a high level of security. This means that where is reasonable practicable we can control entry and egress from our buildings. We use magnetic and manual door locks to prevent people accessing our premises without our consent.

  • CCTV

    All of The BHY sites are covered by Closed Circuit Television that is permanently recording. Unfortunately this does not extend to residential experiences and day-trips. However, staff are extra-vigilant in these environments and ensure a culture of transparency exists.


    All locations and activities are Risk Assessed by The Boathouse Youth. This includes the shortest minibus-journey (which will have had its route planned, include a full register of passengers and of course be in a road-worthy vehicle) to the riskiest of residential experiences such as Canal Boating where young people will be taught to manage their own personal safety in addition to abiding by our controls. Every time you see a member of staff taking a register, using a two-way radio, completing a form on their mobile phone or giving clear instructions to young people you can be sure they are probably following the guidance of a pre-written Risk Assessment!

Comments & Complaints

The Boathouse Youth always endeavours to conform to a self-imposed high-standard at all of its provision. However, occasionally we do fall-short and you may wish to let us know. If we have done something wrong – we are happy to be held to account and will always apologise.

However, we would ask you to consider your tone and the level of publicity you apply to your complaint. The best people to speak to about a problem is us… and please remember the following:

  • We are a charity. We are not a public service.
  • We provide your child with a vast array of opportunities – usually free of charge.
  • Many of our staff are volunteers and paid staff always exceed their contracted weekly hours.
  • We always try our best.
  • We do what we do because we want to – not because we are obligated to.

If you want to congratulate us or thank us then we would invite you to do so via our Facebook Page.

Comments / Complaints