Young People from The BHY being given a guided tour of the MI Flues Facility in Blackpool.

Gold Patron

The Boathouse Youth is proud to present MI Flues as a Gold Patron. This local and family run business have agreed to make a regular monthly donation to our charity amounting to £10,000 each year for 3-years.

Company owners, Angela & Andy Zakrzewski, said “The work you’re doing is wonderful; and we want to support it! Where do we sign?”.

MI Flues are based in Blackpool and manufacture and source high-quality products relating to chimneys, flues, fireplaces, barbecues, etc.

To acknowledge the generous donation a group of young people from The BHY visited the MI Flues Facility to have a look around and hear from members of their team. Our young people were inspired how many of the staff working for MI Flues had started with very little to their name and managed to “climb the career ladder”. The group were inspired by the size of the building and friendliness of the team.

The BHY encourages young people to try their hardest to achieve academically, but also acknowledges that – for some young people – this can be extremely hard. It is refreshing to know that some employers are willing to consider those without academic qualifications and offer employment opportunities.