The team at Voiteq‘s Head Office in Blackpool handover The BHY’s Big Cheque to members of our Youth Club in December 2017.

Gold Patron

Voiteq is a leading global provider of voice-directed work solutions with offices in the UK, France, Germany and the US. Voice technology is their core business and they’ve helped customers across the world reap the benefits of utilising a hands-free, eyes-free solution. They supply their award winning products around the world to improve operations.

Our Chief Executive, Laurance Hancock, was delighted to meet with Voiteq’s Managing Director, Isabel McCabe and Chairman, Frank Heald to discuss the support that the global industry leader could provide to our locally based children’s charity. The company agreed to join our patron scheme at Gold Level thus pledging £30,000 over 3-years.

Isabel, Voiteq’s MD, said she was delighted to meet with us and felt our story was inspirational. She congratulated The BHY on its achievements and went on to say that “Voiteq will own task of being a patron with pride and will work to assist you where needed”. Being a charity’s patron is so much more than just making a financial pledge. It’s about becoming part of the charity’s journey and working to support them in as many ways as possible. As a child Isabel was part of a Youth Club that she described as “her sanctuary” and understands the importance of an organisation such as ours. She said that she “is so happy that Voiteq are in a position to help. We are proud to be a part of The BHY moving forward”.

A group of young people attended Voiteq’s Northern Head Office, based on the Whitehills Business Park in Blackpool for an introduction and some Christmas fun. Firstly our youngsters mingled with their staff to learn about the business of voice-directed services. Our members tried on the various headsets and listened to the voice-directing software giving them instructions. Voiteq and their wonderful team embraced our group by embroiling them with festive games and activities in the board room including gingerbread house building, blind-folded Christmas Tree drawing and gift-wrapping races. Each of our young people was given a Christmas Donut from Krispy Kreme, a can of pop to enjoy and a gift bag to take home.

Voiteq will own the task of patron with pride!

Chloe, aged 14, decided to dress-up as Father Christmas for the visit which she thoroughly enjoyed whilst Mason, aged 15, said “The BHY is one of the biggest parts of my life. It’s where I come to chill with my friends and do new things. It’s like my home and I know that we couldn’t continue without the support of our patrons.” All of our children shouted a cascade of “Thank yous” out of our minibus windows as we drove out of the carpark being waved off by Isabel and her team having had a wonderful visit.